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QR GPS Time Attendance Management System Malaysia

Convenient check-ins or attendance tracking through QR codes for event participants such as students, business delegates, event sponsors, employees, or VIPs. Great tool for event organizers to facilitate large scale events and efficiently allocate human resources for other purposes such as event promotion.

QR GPS Attendance System Specifications:

  • Attendance Taking: Scan QR-Code via Bizcloud App
  • GPS Attendance: Yes
  • AI: Yes (Predictive Employee Work Pattern)
  • Cloud Storage: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes

Contact-less Attendance System

Our contact-less QR code device is a great and effective solution for time and attendance management. Clock in and clock out by just using Bizcloud App on your smartphone and employee’s attendance will be recorded instantly! Hygienic issues are also addressed using this QR code method in taking attendance.

Save Cost

The QR code generated in the QR-GPS attendance system reduces the company’s cost. There is no need to provide employee RFID access cards or printed RFID employee ID tags. By just a monthly subscription to our HRM e-leave system, you are able to keep track of all your employee’s attendance in the company.


This QR-GPS attendance system works efficiently on both popular smartphone platforms such as Android and iOS. Employees can install the Bizcloud App from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free. We will always update our Bizcloud App from time to time to give you the best experience in using our Bizcloud App! So make sure to always update it from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Easy Attendance Tracking

QR-GPS attendance system software simplifies tracking employee entry and exit by scanning QR code on the QR-GPS with a phone at the workplace or out from the workplace. HR can check the location and time for employees who thumb-in out from the workplace. When your employee comes to work, takes a break, overtime, or leaves the office to service customers, those entry or exit points can be recorded accurately with ease.

Built-In GPS

The QR-GPS attendance system has a built-in GPS, where it records the attendance of your employee and with the location of your employee. This is also to avoid the employees to false their attendance as their location can be tracked. The Bizcloud App has built-in GPS as well, hence those employees who go to customer site directly from home can clock in by the Bizcloud App. The Human Resources department will then able to check their location and their attendance from the HRM e-leave website.

Warranty Period : 3 Months

** All power cord and adapter comes with 1 Month warranty from installation date.
** Warranty does not cover wear and tear, damages arisen from misuse or use not in accordance with product instructions.

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