• HRM Software Package

HRM Software Package

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  • RM200.00

HRM Software Pricing: RM200 per month for 1 - 50 users.

Module include : Attendance System, e-Leave System, e-Claim System, Payroll System

By subscribing to our Online HRM Software Package on a monthly basis, we will provide you with a web-based application platform for our clients to manage their HR functions. HRM Software Package comes in modules of e-leave, e-claim, attendance and payroll with employee information.

Web-based application software:

  1. Attendance System
    Employees can clock-in and clock-out using the mobile app "BIZCLOUD", available on iOS and Android. Employers can view these attendance in real-time together with the GPS coordinate at the monthly view of the employee’s attendance list.
    More About The Attendance System
  2. e-Leave System
    Employees can apply their leave online and employers can manage their employees' leave with a highly configurable approval and escalation flow system.
    More About The E-leave System
  3. e-Claim System
    Employees can submit their claims and upload the supporting documents online, and employers can manage the claim setting based on the employee type.
    More About The E-claim System
  4. Payroll System
    Employers can manage payroll online, generate a monthly payroll report and employee's claim, and leave will automatically calculate into payroll.
    More About Payroll System

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